Ephesians 4

1 Therefore, I myself, the prisoner in Lord, exhort you to walk worthily of the calling with which you were called,

2 with all humility and gentleness, with longsuffering, forbearing of one another in love,

3 being diligent to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of the peace.

4 One body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling.

5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism,

6 one God and Father of all, the One over all and through all and in all.

7 Moreover, to each one of us the grace was given according to the measure of the gift of Christ.

8 Therefore, it says: “Having ascended into a height, it captured captivity, it gave gifts to men.”

9 But the thing which ascended, what is it except that also the thing which descended into the lower parts of the earth?

10 the One having descended, He Himself is also the One having ascended above all the heavens in order that He might fill all things.

11 And He Himself gave the apostles, and prophets, and evangelists, and shepherds, and teachers,

12 toward the equipping of the holy ones into a work of service into a building of the body of Christ,

13 until we might attain all the ones into the oneness of the faith and of the full knowledge of the Son of God, into a complete man, into a measure of maturity of the fullness of Christ.

14 In order that we might no longer be immature, being tossed and carried around by every wind of teaching in the sleight of men, in trickery toward the craftiness of error.

15 But speaking truth in love, let us increase things into Him, Who is the Head, Christ,

16 out from Whom all the body, being fitted and joined together through every joint of the full provision, according to an energy in measure of one part each, the growth of the body makes into a building of itself in love.

17 Therefore, this I say and testify in the Lord, no longer you to walk just as also the nations walk in the vanity of their mind,

18 being darkened as to the mind, alienated of the life of God through the ignorance, the one being in them through the hardness of their heart,

19 who, away-from-feeling, gave themselves over to the licentiousness, into a work of all uncleanness in greediness.

20 But you did not so learn Christ,

21 since indeed, you heard Him and in Him you were taught, just as truth is in Jesus,

22 you to put away according to the previous conduct, the old man, the one being corrupted according to the lusts of deceit,

23 and to be renewed as to the spirit of your mind,

24 and to put on the new man, the one having been created according to God, in righteousness and holiness of the truth.

25 Therefore, having put away the lie, you speak truth, each one with his neighbor, because we are members of one another.

26 You be angry and do not sin. Do not let the sun set upon your anger,

27 neither give a place to the devil.

28 The one stealing, let him no longer steal, but rather let him labor, working good with his own hands, in order that he might have to share with the one having need.

29 Every rotten word out from the mouth, let it not come out from you, but if something good, then toward a building of the need, in order that it might give grace to the ones hearing.

30 And you do not grieve the One Holy Spirit of God, in Whom you were sealed into a day of redemption.

31 All bitterness, and anger and wrath and clamor and slander, let them be taken away from you with all evil.

32 And you come to be kind ones into one another, compassionate, forgiving as to yourselves, just as also God in Christ forgave you.

1 Παρακαλῶ (I exhort) οὖν (Therefore) ὑμᾶς (you all) ἐγὼ (myself) ὁ (the) δέσμιος (prisoner) ἐν (in) κυρίῳ (Lord) ἀξίως (worthily) περιπατῆσαι (to walk) τῆς (of the) κλήσεως (calling) ἧς (with which) ἐκλήθητε, (you all were called,)

2 μετὰ (with) πάσης (all) ταπεινοφροσύνης (humility) καὶ (and) πραΰτητος, (gentleness) μετὰ (with) μακροθυμίας, (longsuffering) ἀνεχόμενοι (forbearing) ἀλλήλων (of one another) ἐν (in) ἀγάπῃ, (love,)

3 σπουδάζοντες (being diligent) τηρεῖν (to keep) τὴν (the) ἑνότητα (unity) τοῦ (of the) πνεύματος (Spirit) ἐν (in) τῷ (the) συνδέσμῳ (bond) τῆς (of the) εἰρήνης· (peace;)

4 Ἓν (one) σῶμα (body) καὶ (and) ἓν (one) πνεῦμα, (Spirit) καθὼς (just as) καὶ (also) ἐκλήθητε (you all were called) ἐν (in) μιᾷ (one) ἐλπίδι (hope) τῆς (the) κλήσεως (calling) ὑμῶν· (of your;)

5 εἷς (one) κύριος, (Lord) μία (one) πίστις, (faith) ἓν (one) βάπτισμα, (baptism,)

6 εἷς (one) θεὸς (God) καὶ (and) πατὴρ (Father) πάντων, (of all) ὁ (the One) ἐπὶ (over) πάντων (all) καὶ (and) διὰ (through) πάντων (all) καὶ (and) ἐν (in) πᾶσιν. (all,)

7 Ἑνὶ (to one) δὲ (moreover) ἑκάστῳ (each) ἡμῶν (of us) ἐδόθη (was given) ἡ (the) χάρις (grace) κατὰ (according to) τὸ (the) μέτρον (measure) τῆς (of the) δωρεᾶς (gift) τοῦ (of the) Χριστοῦ. (Christ.)

8 διὸ (therefore) λέγει· (it says;) ἀναβὰς (having ascended) εἰς (into) ὕψος (a height) ᾐχμαλώτευσεν (it captured) αἰχμαλωσίαν, (captivity) ἔδωκεν (it gave) δόματα (gifts) τοῖς (to the) ἀνθρώποις. (men.)

9 τὸ (the thing) δὲ (But,) ἀνέβη (which ascended) τί (what) ἐστιν, (is it) εἰ μὴ (except) ὅτι (that) καὶ (also) κατέβη (the thing which descended) εἰς (into) τὰ (the) κατώτερα (lower) [μέρη] ([parts]) τῆς (of the) γῆς; (earth;)

10 ὁ (the One) καταβὰς (having descended,) αὐτός (Himself) ἐστιν (He is) καὶ (also) ὁ (the One) ἀναβὰς (having ascended) ὑπεράνω (above) πάντων (all) τῶν (the) οὐρανῶν, (heavens) ἵνα (in order that) πληρώσῃ (He might fill) τὰ (the) πάντα. (all things.)

11 Καὶ (And) αὐτὸς (Himself) ἔδωκεν (He gave) τοὺς (the) μὲν (on the one hand) ἀποστόλους, (apostles) τοὺς (the) δὲ (but on the other hand) προφήτας, (prophets) τοὺς (the) δὲ (but on the one hand) εὐαγγελιστάς, (evangelists) τοὺς (the) δὲ (but on the other hand) ποιμένας (shepherds) καὶ (and) διδασκάλους, (teachers,)

12 πρὸς (toward) τὸν (the) καταρτισμὸν (equipping) τῶν (of the) ἁγίων (holy ones) εἰς (into) ἔργον (a work) διακονίας, (of service) εἰς (into) οἰκοδομὴν (a building) τοῦ (of the) σώματος (body) τοῦ (of the) Χριστοῦ, (Christ,)

13 μέχρι (until) καταντήσωμεν (we might attain) οἱ (the ones) πάντες (all) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) ἑνότητα (oneness) τῆς (of the) πίστεως (faith) καὶ (and) τῆς (of the) ἐπιγνώσεως (full-knowledge) τοῦ (of the) υἱοῦ (Son) τοῦ (of the) θεοῦ, (God) εἰς (into) ἄνδρα (a man) τέλειον, (complete) εἰς (into) μέτρον (a measure) ἡλικίας (of maturity) τοῦ (of the) πληρώματος (fullness) τοῦ (of the) Χριστοῦ, (Christ,)

14 ἵνα (in order that) μηκέτι (no longer) ὦμεν (we might be) νήπιοι, (immature) κλυδωνιζόμενοι (being tossed) καὶ (and) περιφερόμενοι (carried-around) παντὶ (by every) ἀνέμῳ (wind) τῆς (of the) διδασκαλίας (teaching) ἐν (in) τῇ (the) κυβείᾳ (sleight) τῶν (of the) ἀνθρώπων, (men) ἐν (in) πανουργίᾳ (trickery) πρὸς (toward) τὴν (the) μεθοδείαν (craftiness) τῆς (of the) πλάνης, (error)

15 ἀληθεύοντες (speaking truth) δὲ (but) ἐν (in) ἀγάπῃ (love) αὐξήσωμεν (let us increase) εἰς (into) αὐτὸν (Him) τὰ (the) πάντα, (all things) ὅς (Who) ἐστιν (is) ἡ (the) κεφαλή, (Head,) Χριστός, (Christ,)

16 ἐξ (out from) οὗ (Whom) πᾶν (all) τὸ (the) σῶμα (body) συναρμολογούμενον (being fitted) καὶ (and) συμβιβαζόμενον (joined-together) διὰ (through) πάσης (every) ἁφῆς (joint) τῆς (of the) ἐπιχορηγίας (full-provision) κατ᾽ (according to) ἐνέργειαν (an energy) ἐν (in) μέτρῳ (measure) ἑνὸς (of one) ἑκάστου (each) μέρους (part) τὴν (the) αὔξησιν (growth) τοῦ (of the) σώματος (body) ποιεῖται (makes) εἰς (into) οἰκοδομὴν (a building) ἑαυτοῦ (of itself) ἐν (in) ἀγάπῃ. (love.)

17 Τοῦτο (this,) οὖν (Therefore) λέγω (I say) καὶ (and) μαρτύρομαι (testify) ἐν (in) κυρίῳ, (the Lord) μηκέτι (no longer) ὑμᾶς (you all) περιπατεῖν, (to walk) καθὼς (just as) καὶ (also) τὰ (the) ἔθνη (nations) περιπατεῖ (walk) ἐν (in) ματαιότητι (the vanity) τοῦ (the) νοὸς (mind) αὐτῶν, (of their,)

18 ἐσκοτωμένοι (darkened) τῇ (as to the) διανοίᾳ (mind) ὄντες, (being) ἀπηλλοτριωμένοι (alienated) τῆς (of the) ζωῆς (life) τοῦ (of the) θεοῦ (God) διὰ (through) τὴν (the) ἄγνοιαν (ignorance) τὴν (the one) οὖσαν (being) ἐν (in) αὐτοῖς, (them) διὰ (through) τὴν (the) πώρωσιν (hardness) τῆς (the) καρδίας (heart) αὐτῶν, (of their)

19 οἵτινες (who) ἀπηλγηκότες (away-from-feeling) ἑαυτοὺς (themselves) παρέδωκαν (gave-over) τῇ (to the) ἀσελγείᾳ (licentiousness) εἰς (into) ἐργασίαν (a work) ἀκαθαρσίας (uncleanness) πάσης (of all) ἐν (in) πλεονεξίᾳ. (greediness)

20 Ὑμεῖς (you all) δὲ (But) οὐχ (did not) οὕτως (so) ἐμάθετε (learn) τὸν (the) Χριστόν, (Christ,)

21 εἴ (since,) γε (indeed) αὐτὸν (Him) ἠκούσατε (you all heard) καὶ (and) ἐν (in) αὐτῷ (Him) ἐδιδάχθητε, (you all were taught) καθώς (just as) ἐστιν (is) ἀλήθεια (truth) ἐν (in) τῷ (the) Ἰησοῦ, (Jesus,)

22 ἀποθέσθαι (to put away) ὑμᾶς (you all) κατὰ (according to) τὴν (the) προτέραν (previous) ἀναστροφὴν (conduct) τὸν (the) παλαιὸν (old) ἄνθρωπον (man) τὸν (the one) φθειρόμενον (who is being corrupted) κατὰ (according to) τὰς (the) ἐπιθυμίας (lusts) τῆς (of the) ἀπάτης, (deceit,)

23 ἀνανεοῦσθαι (to be renewed) δὲ (and) τῷ (as to the) πνεύματι (spirit) τοῦ (the) νοὸς (mind) ὑμῶν (of your)

24 καὶ (and) ἐνδύσασθαι (to put on) τὸν (the) καινὸν (new) ἄνθρωπον (man) τὸν (the one) κατὰ (according to) θεὸν (God) κτισθέντα (having been created) ἐν (in) δικαιοσύνῃ (righteousness) καὶ (and) ὁσιότητι (holiness) τῆς (of the) ἀληθείας. (truth.)

25 Διὸ (Therefore,) ἀποθέμενοι (having put away) τὸ (the) ψεῦδος (lie,) λαλεῖτε (you all speak) ἀλήθειαν (truth,) ἕκαστος (each one) μετὰ (with) τοῦ (the) πλησίον (neighbor) αὐτοῦ, (his) ὅτι (because) ἐσμὲν (we are) ἀλλήλων (of one another) μέλη. (members)

26 ὀργίζεσθε (you all be angry) καὶ (and) μὴ (not) ἁμαρτάνετε· (do sin) ὁ (the) ἥλιος (sun) μὴ (do not) ἐπιδυέτω (let set) ἐπὶ (on) [τῷ] (the) παροργισμῷ (anger,) ὑμῶν, (your)

27 μηδὲ (neither) δίδοτε (give) τόπον (a place) τῷ (to the) διαβόλῳ. (devil)

28 ὁ (The one) κλέπτων (stealing) μηκέτι (no longer) κλεπτέτω, (let him steal) μᾶλλον (rather) δὲ (but) κοπιάτω (let him labor) ἐργαζόμενος (working) ταῖς (the) [ἰδίαις (with his own)] χερσὶν (hands) τὸ (the) ἀγαθόν, (good thing) ἵνα (in order that) ἔχῃ (he might have) μεταδιδόναι (to share) τῷ (with the one) χρείαν (need.) ἔχοντι. (having)

29 πᾶς (every) λόγος (word) σαπρὸς (rotten) ἐκ (out from) τοῦ (the) στόματος (mouth) ὑμῶν (you all) μὴ (not) ἐκπορευέσθω, (let it come out) ἀλλ᾽ (but) εἴ (if) τις (something) ἀγαθὸς (good) πρὸς (then toward) οἰκοδομὴν (a building) τῆς (of the) χρείας, (need) ἵνα (in order that) δῷ (it might give) χάριν (grace) τοῖς (to the ones) ἀκούουσιν. (hearing)

30 καὶ (and) μὴ (not) λυπεῖτε (you all do grieve) τὸ (the) πνεῦμα (Spirit) τὸ (the One) ἅγιον (Holy) τοῦ (of the) θεοῦ, (God) ἐν (in) ᾧ (Whom) ἐσφραγίσθητε (you all were sealed) εἰς (into) ἡμέραν (a day) ἀπολυτρώσεως. (of redemption.)

31 πᾶσα (all) πικρία (bitterness) καὶ (and) θυμὸς (anger) καὶ (and) ὀργὴ (wrath) καὶ (and) κραυγὴ (clamor) καὶ (and) βλασφημία (slander) ἀρθήτω (let them be taken away) ἀφ᾽ (away from) ὑμῶν (you all) σὺν (with) πάσῃ (all) κακίᾳ. (evil)

32 γίνεσθε (you all come to be) [δὲ] (And) εἰς (into) ἀλλήλους (one another) χρηστοί, (kind ones) εὔσπλαγχνοι, (compassionate) χαριζόμενοι (forgiving) ἑαυτοῖς, (as to yourselves) καθὼς (just as) καὶ (also) ὁ (the) θεὸς (God) ἐν (in) Χριστῷ (Christ) ἐχαρίσατο (forgave) ὑμῖν (you all.)

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