1st John 1

1 That which was from the beginning, that which we have heard, that which we have seen with our eyes, that which we beheld and our hands felt, concerning the Word of life;

2 and the life was manifested, and we have seen and testify and proclaim to you all the everlasting life which was toward the Father and was manifested to us;

3 that which we have seen and we have heard, we proclaim also to you, in order that you might also have fellowship with us, and our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son, Jesus Christ.

4 And these things we write, in order that our joy might be filled.

5 And this is the message which we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is light, and darkness is not in Him, not at all.

6 If we might say that we have fellowship with Him, and we might walk in darkness, we lie and do not the truth.

7 But if we might walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.

8 If we might say that we do not have sin, we mislead ourselves and the truth is not in us.

9 If we might confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous, in order that He might release for us the sins, and might cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

10 If we might say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us.

1 ὃ (that which) ἦν (was) ἀπ᾽ (away from) ἀρχῆς (the beginning) ὃ (that which) ἀκηκόαμεν (we have heard) ὃ (that which) ἑωράκαμεν (we have seen) τοῖς (with the) ὀφθαλμοῖς (eyes) ἡμῶν (our) ὃ (that which) ἐθεασάμεθα (we beheld) καὶ (and) αἱ (the) χεῖρες (hands) ἡμῶν (our) ἐψηλάφησαν (felt) περὶ (concerning) τοῦ (the) λόγου (Word) τῆς (of the) ζωῆς (life)

2 καὶ (and) ἡ (the) ζωὴ (life) ἐφανερώθη (was manifested) καὶ (and) ἑωράκαμεν (we have seen) καὶ (and) μαρτυροῦμεν (we testify) καὶ (and) ἀπαγγέλλομεν (we proclaim) ὑμῖν (to you all) τὴν (the) ζωὴν (life) τὴν (the) αἰώνιον (everlasting) ἥτις (which) ἦν (was) πρὸς (toward) τὸν (the) πατέρα (Father) καὶ (and) ἐφανερώθη (was manifested) ἡμῖν (to us)

3 ὃ (that which) ἑωράκαμεν (we have seen) καὶ (and) ἀκηκόαμεν (we have heard) ἀπαγγέλλομεν (we proclaim) καὶ (also) ὑμῖν (to you all) ἵνα (in order that) καὶ (also) ὑμεῖς (you all) κοινωνίαν (fellowship) ἔχητε (you all might have) μεθ᾽ (with) ἡμῶν (us) καὶ (and) ἡ (the) κοινωνία (fellowship) δὲ (and) ἡ (the) ἡμετέρα (our) μετὰ (is with) τοῦ (the) πατρὸς (Father) καὶ (and) μετὰ (with) τοῦ (the) υἱοῦ (Son) αὐτοῦ (His) Ἰησοῦ (Jesus) Χριστοῦ (Christ)

4 καὶ (and) ταῦτα (these things) γράφομεν (we write) ἡμεῖς (we) ἵνα (in order that) ἡ (the) χαρὰ (joy) ἡμῶν (our) ᾖ (might be) πεπληρωμένη (filled)

5 καὶ (and) ἔστιν (is) αὕτη (this) ἡ (the) ἀγγελία (message) ἣν (which) ἀκηκόαμεν (we have heard) ἀπ᾽ (away from) αὐτοῦ (Him) καὶ (and) ἀναγγέλλομεν (announce) ὑμῖν (to you all) ὅτι (that) ὁ (the) θεὸς (God) φῶς (light) ἐστιν (is) καὶ (and) σκοτία (darkness) ἐν (in) αὐτῷ (Him) οὐκ (not) ἔστιν (is) οὐδεμία (not at all)

6 ἐὰν (if) εἴπωμεν (we might say) ὅτι (that) κοινωνίαν (fellowship) ἔχομεν (we have) μετ᾽ (with) αὐτοῦ (Him) καὶ (and) ἐν (in) τῷ (the) σκότει (darkness) περιπατῶμεν (we might walk) ψευδόμεθα (we lie) καὶ (and) οὐ (not) ποιοῦμεν (do) τὴν (the) ἀλήθειαν (truth)

7 ἐὰν (but if) ἐν (in) τῷ (the) φωτὶ (light) περιπατῶμεν (we might walk) ὡς (as) αὐτός (He) ἐστιν (is) ἐν (in) τῷ (the) φωτί (light) κοινωνίαν (fellowship) ἔχομεν (we have) μετ᾽ (with) ἀλλήλων (one another) καὶ (and) τὸ (the) αἷμα (blood) Ἰησοῦ (of Jesus) τοῦ (of the) υἱοῦ (Son) αὐτοῦ (His) καθαρίζει (cleanses) ἡμᾶς (us) ἀπὸ (away from) πάσης (all) ἁμαρτίας (sin)

8 ἐὰν (if) εἴπωμεν (we might say) ὅτι (that) ἁμαρτίαν (sin) οὐκ (not) ἔχομεν (we do have) ἑαυτοὺς (ourselves) πλανῶμεν (we mislead) καὶ (and) ἡ (the) ἀλήθεια (truth) οὐκ (not) ἔστιν (is) ἐν (in) ἡμῖν (us)

9 ἐὰν (if) ὁμολογῶμεν (we might confess) τὰς (the) ἁμαρτίας (sins) ἡμῶν (our) πιστός (faithful) ἐστιν (He is) καὶ (and) δίκαιος (righteous) ἵνα (in order that) ἀφῇ (He might release) ἡμῖν (for us) τὰς (the) ἁμαρτίας (sins) καὶ (and) καθαρίσῃ (He might cleanse) ἡμᾶς (us) ἀπὸ (away from) πάσης (all) ἀδικίας (unrighteousness)

10 ἐὰν (if) εἴπωμεν (we might say) ὅτι (that) οὐχ (not) ἡμαρτήκαμεν (we have sinned) ψεύστην (a liar) ποιοῦμεν (we make) αὐτόν (Him) καὶ (and) ὁ (the) λόγος (word) αὐτοῦ (His) οὐκ (not) ἔστιν (is) ἐν (in) ἡμῖν (us)

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