1st Peter 5

1 I, the fellow-elder and witness of the sufferings of Christ, the one also who is a partner of the glory that is going to be revealed, exhort the elders among you:

2 Shepherd the flock of God among you, overseeing not by compulsion, but willfully, according to God, neither for sordid gain, but eagerly;

3 neither as lording over of the allotments, but becoming examples of the flock.

4 And having been manifested the Chief Shepherd, you will receive the unfading crown of glory.

5 Likewise, younger ones, be subject to elders, and all of you, clothe yourselves with humility to one another, because God opposes to the haughty ones, but He gives grace to the humble ones.

6 Therefore be humble under the mighty hand of God, in order that He might exult you in time.

7 Having thrown all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares about you.

8 Be sober, be watchful. Your opponent, the devil, walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he might swallow down.

9 To whom stand against firm as to the faith, knowing that the same kind of sufferings are to be accomplished by your brotherhood in the world.

10 But having suffered a little, the God of all grace, the One having called you into His everlasting glory in Christ, He Himself will restore, establish, strengthen, settle you.

11 To Him be the might into the ages. Amen.

12 Through Silvanus, your faithful brother, as I reckon him, I wrote through a few words, exhorting and witnessing this to be the true grace of God, into which stand.

13 The one chosen together with you in Babylon greets you, and Mark my son.

14 Greet one another in a kiss of love. Peace to you, to all the ones in Christ.

1 Πρεσβυτέρους (elders) τοὺς (the) ἐν (among) ὑμῖν (you all) παρακαλῶ (I exhort) ὁ (the) συμπρεσβύτερος (fellow-elder) καὶ (and) μάρτυς (witness) τῶν (of the) τοῦ (of the) Χριστοῦ (Christ) παθημάτων (sufferings) ὁ (the one) καὶ (also) τῆς (of the) μελλούσης (that is going) ἀποκαλύπτεσθαι (to be revealed) δόξης (glory) κοινωνός (who is a partner)

2 ποιμάνατε (shepherd) τὸ (the) ἐν (among) ὑμῖν (you all) ποίμνιον (flock) τοῦ (of the) θεοῦ (God) ἐπισκοποῦντες (overseeing) μὴ (not) ἀναγκαστῶς (by compulsion) ἀλλ᾽ (but) ἑκουσίως (willfully) κατὰ (according to) θεόν (God) μηδὲ (neither) αἰσχροκερδῶς (for sordid gain) ἀλλὰ (but) προθύμως (eagerly)

3 μηδ᾽ (neither) ὡς (as) κατακυριεύοντες (lording over) τῶν (of the) κλήρων (allotments) ἀλλὰ (but) τύποι (examples) γινόμενοι (becoming) τοῦ (of the) ποιμνίου (flock)

4 καὶ (and) φανερωθέντος (having been manifested) τοῦ (the) ἀρχιποίμενος (Chief Shepherd) κομιεῖσθε (you all will receive) τὸν (the) ἀμαράντινον (unfading) τῆς (of the) δόξης (glory) στέφανον (crown)

5 ὁμοίως (likewise) νεώτεροι (younger ones) ὑποτάγητε (be subject) πρεσβυτέροις (to elders) πάντες (all of you) δὲ (and) ἀλλήλοις (to one another) τὴν (the) ταπεινοφροσύνην (with humility) ἐγκομβώσασθε (clothe yourselves) ὅτι (because) ὁ (the) θεὸς (God) ὑπερηφάνοις (to the haughty ones) ἀντιτάσσεται (opposes) ταπεινοῖς (to the humble ones) δὲ (but) δίδωσιν (He gives) χάριν (grace)

6 Ταπεινώθητε (be humble) οὖν (therefore) ὑπὸ (under) τὴν (the) κραταιὰν (mighty) χεῖρα (hand) τοῦ (of the) θεοῦ (God) ἵνα (in order that) ὑμᾶς (you all) ὑψώσῃ (He might exult) ἐν (in) καιρῷ (time)

7 πᾶσαν (all) τὴν (the) μέριμναν (anxiety) ὑμῶν (your) ἐπιρίψαντες (having thrown) ἐπ᾽ (upon) αὐτόν (Him) ὅτι (because) αὐτῷ (He) μέλει (cares) περὶ (about) ὑμῶν (you all)

8 νήψατε (be sober) γρηγορήσατε (be watchful) ὁ (the) ἀντίδικος (opponent) ὑμῶν (your) διάβολος (devil) ὡς (as) λέων (a lion) ὠρυόμενος (roaring) περιπατεῖ (walks about) ζητῶν (seeking) τινα (whom) καταπιεῖν (he might swallow down)

9 ᾧ (to whom) ἀντίστητε (stand against) στερεοὶ (firm) τῇ (as to the) πίστει (faith) εἰδότες (knowing that) τὰ (the) αὐτὰ (same kind) τῶν (of the) παθημάτων (sufferings) τῇ (by the) ἐν (in) κόσμῳ (the world) ὑμῶν (your) ἀδελφότητι (brotherhood) ἐπιτελεῖσθαι (are to be accomplished)

10 ὁ (the) δὲ (but) θεὸς (God) πάσης (of all) χάριτος (grace) ὁ (the One) καλέσας (having called) ὑμᾶς (you all) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) αἰώνιον (everlasting) αὐτοῦ (His) δόξαν (glory) ἐν (in) Χριστῷ (Christ) ὀλίγον (a little) παθόντας (having suffered) αὐτὸς (Himself) καταρτίσει (He will restore) στηρίξει (establish) σθενώσει (strengthen) θεμελιώσει (settle you all)

11 αὐτῷ (to Him) τὸ (the) κράτος (be might) εἰς (into) τοὺς (the) αἰῶνας (ages) ἀμήν (Amen)

12 Διὰ (through) Σιλουανοῦ (Silvanus) ὑμῖν (your) τοῦ (the) πιστοῦ (faithful) ἀδελφοῦ (brother) ὡς (as) λογίζομαι (I reckon him) δι᾽ (through) ὀλίγων (a few words) ἔγραψα (I wrote) παρακαλῶν (exhorting) καὶ (and) ἐπιμαρτυρῶν (witnessing) ταύτην (this) εἶναι (to be) ἀληθῆ (the true) χάριν (grace) τοῦ (of the) θεοῦ (God) εἰς (into) ἣν (which) στῆτε (stand)

13 ἀσπάζεται (greets) ὑμᾶς (you all) ἡ (the one) ἐν (in) Βαβυλῶνι (Babylon) συνεκλεκτὴ (chosen together with you all) καὶ (and) Μᾶρκος (Mark) ὁ (the) υἱός (son) μου (my)

14 ἀσπάσασθε (greet) ἀλλήλους (one another) ἐν (in) φιλήματι (a kiss) ἀγάπης (of love) Εἰρήνη (peace) ὑμῖν (to you all) πᾶσιν (to all) τοῖς (the ones) ἐν (in) Χριστῷ (Christ)

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