1 Peter 1

1 Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the chosen sojourners of the dispersion of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia,

2 according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, in sanctification of spirit, into obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ, grace to you all and may peace be multiplied.

3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the One according to His much mercy having begotten us again into a living expectation through the resurrection of Jesus Christ out from dead ones,

4 into an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and unfading, kept in the heavens into you all,

5 the ones guarded in the power of God through faith into salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

6 In which you all rejoice greatly, even now for a little while, since it is being necessary, having been grieved in various trials,

7 in order that the testing of your faith, more precious than perishing gold, and being tried through fire, might be found into praise and glory and honor in a revelation of Jesus Christ.

8 Whom, not having seen, you all love, into Whom now, not seeing, but believing, you all rejoice greatly with joy unspeakable and glorified,

9 receiving the end of your faith, salvation of souls.

10 Concerning which salvation the prophets, the ones having prophesied concerning the grace into you all, sought out and searched out,

11 searching into who or what time the Spirit of Christ in them was revealing, testifying beforehand the suffering into Christ and the glory after these things.

12 To whom it was revealed that not to themselves, but to you all, they were ministering these things, which now was reported to you all through the ones having preached the gospel to you all in the Holy Spirit having been sent away from heaven, into which things angels do desire to stoop down to look.

13 Therefore, having girded up for yourselves the loins of your mind, being sober, completely expect upon the grace being brought to you all in a revelation of Jesus Christ.

14 As children of obedience, not conforming to the former lusts, in your ignorance,

15 but according to the One holy, having called you all, you all also come to be holy in all conduct,

16 because it has been written: You all will be holy, because I am holy.

17 And since you all call upon the Father for yourselves, the One impartially judging according to the work of each one, conduct yourselves in fear for the time of your sojourn.

18 Knowing that not with corruptible things, silver or gold, you all were redeemed out from your empty traditional conduct,

19 but with precious blood, as of a lamb, blameless and spotless, of Christ,

20 foreknown indeed before a downcast of order, but having been manifested upon the last of the times on account of you all,

21 the ones through Him faithful into God, the One having raised Him out from dead ones and having given to Him glory, so that your faith and expectation to be into God,

22 your souls cleansed in the obedience of the truth into unhypocritical brotherly love, out from a pure heart love one another fervently,

23 begotten again, not out from a corruptible seed, but incorruptible, through the living and remaining word of God.

24 Because all flesh is as grass, and all glory of it as the flower of grass. The grass dried up, and the flower fell away,

25 but the word of the Lord remains into the age. This and is the saying, the one having been preached into you all.

1 Πέτρος (Peter) ἀπόστολος (an apostle) Ἰησοῦ (of Jesus) Χριστοῦ (Christ) ἐκλεκτοῖς (to the chosen) παρεπιδήμοις (sojourners) διασπορᾶς (of the dispersion) Πόντου (of Pontus) Γαλατίας (Galatia) Καππαδοκίας (Cappadocia) Ἀσίας (Asia) καὶ (and) Βιθυνίας (Bithynia)

2 κατὰ (according to) πρόγνωσιν (the foreknowledge) θεοῦ (of God) πατρὸς (the Father) ἐν (in) ἁγιασμῷ (sanctification) πνεύματος (of spirit) εἰς (into) ὑπακοὴν (obedience) καὶ (and) ῥαντισμὸν (sprinkling) αἵματος (of the blood) Ἰησοῦ (of Jesus) Χριστοῦ (Christ) χάρις (grace) ὑμῖν (to you all) καὶ (and) εἰρήνη (peace) πληθυνθείη (may be multiplied)

3 Εὐλογητὸς (blessed be) ὁ (the) θεὸς (God) καὶ (and) πατὴρ (Father) τοῦ (of the) κυρίου (Lord) ἡμῶν (our) Ἰησοῦ (Jesus) Χριστοῦ (Christ) ὁ (the One) κατὰ (according to) τὸ (the) πολὺ (much) αὐτοῦ (His) ἔλεος (mercy) ἀναγεννήσας (having begotten again) ἡμᾶς (us) εἰς (into) ἐλπίδα (expectation) ζῶσαν (a living) δι᾽ (through) ἀναστάσεως (the resurrection) Ἰησοῦ (of Jesus) Χριστοῦ (Christ) ἐκ (out from) νεκρῶν (dead ones)

4 εἰς (into) κληρονομίαν (an inheritance) ἄφθαρτον (incorruptible) καὶ (and) ἀμίαντον (undefiled) καὶ (and) ἀμάραντον (unfading) τετηρημένην (kept) ἐν (in) οὐρανοῖς (the heavens) εἰς (into) ὑμᾶς (you all)

5 τοὺς (the ones) ἐν (in) δυνάμει (the power) θεοῦ (of God) φρουρουμένους (guarded) διὰ (through) πίστεως (faith) εἰς (into) σωτηρίαν (salvation) ἑτοίμην (ready) ἀποκαλυφθῆναι (to be revealed) ἐν (in) καιρῷ (time) ἐσχάτῳ (the last)

6 ἐν (in) ᾧ (which) ἀγαλλιᾶσθε (you all rejoice greatly) ὀλίγον (for a little while) ἄρτι (even now) εἰ (since) δέον (being necessary) ἐστίν (it is) λυπηθέντας (having been grieved) ἐν (in) ποικίλοις (various) πειρασμοῖς (trials)

7 ἵνα (in order that) τὸ (the) δοκίμιον (testing) ὑμῶν (of your) τῆς (the) πίστεως (faith) πολυτιμότερον (more precious) χρυσίου (than gold) τοῦ (the) ἀπολλυμένου (perishing) διὰ (through) πυρὸς (fire) δὲ (and) δοκιμαζομένου (being tried) εὑρεθῇ (might be found) εἰς (into) ἔπαινον (praise) καὶ (and) δόξαν (glory) καὶ (and) τιμὴν (honor) ἐν (in) ἀποκαλύψει (a revelation) Ἰησοῦ (of Jesus) Χριστοῦ (Christ)

8 ὃν (Whom) οὐκ (not) ἰδόντες (having seen) ἀγαπᾶτε (you all love) εἰς (into) ὃν (Whom) ἄρτι (now) μὴ (not) ὁρῶντες (seeing) πιστεύοντες (believing) δὲ (but) ἀγαλλιᾶσθε (you all rejoice greatly) χαρᾷ (with joy) ἀνεκλαλήτῳ (unspeakable) καὶ (and) δεδοξασμένῃ (glorified)

9 κομιζόμενοι (receiving) τὸ (the) τέλος (end) τῆς (of the) πίστεως (faith) ὑμῶν (your) σωτηρίαν (salvation) ψυχῶν (of souls)

10 περὶ (concerning) ἧς (which) σωτηρίας (salvation) ἐξεζήτησαν (sought out) καὶ (and) ἐξηραύνησαν (searched out) προφῆται (the prophets) Οἱ (the ones) περὶ (concerning) τῆς (of the) εἰς (into) ὑμᾶς (you all) χάριτος (grace) προφητεύσαντες (having prophesied)

11 ἐραυνῶντες (searching) εἰς (into) τίνα (who) ἢ (or) ποῖον (what) καιρὸν (time) ἐδήλου (was revealing) τὸ (the) ἐν (in) αὐτοῖς (them) πνεῦμα (Spirit) Χριστοῦ (of Christ) προμαρτυρόμενον (testifying beforehand) τὰ (the) εἰς (into) Χριστὸν (Christ) παθήματα (suffering) καὶ (and) τὰς (the) μετὰ (after) ταῦτα (these things) δόξας (glory)

12 οἷς (to whom) ἀπεκαλύφθη (it was revealed) ὅτι (that) οὐχ (not) ἑαυτοῖς (to themselves) ὑμῖν (to you all) δὲ (but) διηκόνουν (they were ministering) αὐτὰ (these things) ἃ (which) νῦν (now) ἀνηγγέλη (was reported) ὑμῖν (to you all) διὰ (through) τῶν (the ones) εὐαγγελισαμένων (having preached the gospel) ὑμᾶς (to you all) ἐν (in) πνεύματι (Spirit) ἁγίῳ (the Holy) ἀποσταλέντι (having been sent) ἀπ᾽ (away from) οὐρανοῦ (heaven) εἰς (into) ἃ (which things) ἐπιθυμοῦσιν (do desire) ἄγγελοι (angels) παρακύψαι (to stoop down to look)

13 Διὸ (Therefore) ἀναζωσάμενοι (having girded up for yourselves) τὰς (the) ὀσφύας (loins) τῆς (of the) διανοίας (mind) ὑμῶν (your) νήφοντες (being sober) τελείως (completely) ἐλπίσατε (expect) ἐπὶ (upon) τὴν (the) φερομένην (being brought) ὑμῖν (to you all) χάριν (grace) ἐν (in) ἀποκαλύψει (a revelation) Ἰησοῦ (of Jesus) Χριστοῦ (Christ)

14 ὡς (as) τέκνα (children) ὑπακοῆς (of obedience) μὴ (not) συσχηματιζόμενοι (conforming) ταῖς (to the) πρότερον (former) ἐν (in) τῇ (the) ἀγνοίᾳ (ignorance) ὑμῶν (your) ἐπιθυμίαις (lusts)

15 ἀλλὰ (but) κατὰ (according to) τὸν (the One) καλέσαντα (having called) ὑμᾶς (you all) ἅγιον (holy) καὶ (also) αὐτοὶ (you all) ἅγιοι (holy) ἐν (in) πάσῃ (all) ἀναστροφῇ (conduct) γενήθητε (come to be)

16 διότι (because) γέγραπται (it has been written) ἅγιοι (holy) ἔσεσθε (you all will be) ὅτι (because) ἐγὼ (I am) ἅγιος (holy)

17 καὶ (and) εἰ (since) πατέρα (the Father) ἐπικαλεῖσθε (you all call upon for yourselves) τὸν (the One) ἀπροσωπολήμπτως (impartially) κρίνοντα (judging) κατὰ (according to) τὸ (the) ἑκάστου (of each one) ἔργον (work) ἐν (in) φόβῳ (fear) τὸν (for the) τῆς (of the) παροικίας (sojourn) ὑμῶν (your) χρόνον (time) ἀναστράφητε (conduct yourselves)

18 εἰδότες (knowing) ὅτι (that) οὐ (not) φθαρτοῖς (with corruptible things) ἀργυρίῳ (silver) ἢ (or) χρυσίῳ (gold) ἐλυτρώθητε (you all were redeemed) ἐκ (out from) τῆς (the) ματαίας (empty) ὑμῶν (your) ἀναστροφῆς (conduct) πατροπαραδότου (traditional)

19 ἀλλὰ (but) τιμίῳ (with precious) αἵματι (blood) ὡς (as) ἀμνοῦ (of a lamb) ἀμώμου (blameless) καὶ (and) ἀσπίλου (spotless) Χριστοῦ (of Christ)

20 προεγνωσμένου (foreknown) μὲν (indeed) πρὸ (before) καταβολῆς (a downcast) κόσμου (of order) φανερωθέντος (having been manifested) δὲ (but) ἐπ᾽ (upon) ἐσχάτου (the last) τῶν (of the) χρόνων (times) δι᾽ (on account of) ὑμᾶς (you all)

21 τοὺς (the ones) δι᾽ (through) αὐτοῦ (Him) πιστοὺς (faithful) εἰς (into) θεὸν (God) τὸν (the One) ἐγείραντα (having raised) αὐτὸν (Him) ἐκ (out from) νεκρῶν (dead ones) καὶ (and) δόξαν (glory) αὐτῷ (to Him) δόντα (having given) ὥστε (so that) τὴν (the) πίστιν (faith) ὑμῶν (your) καὶ (and) ἐλπίδα (expectation) εἶναι (to be) εἰς (into) θεόν (God)

22 Τὰς (the) ψυχὰς (souls) ὑμῶν (your) ἡγνικότες (cleansed) ἐν (in) τῇ (the) ὑπακοῇ (obedience) τῆς (of the) ἀληθείας (truth) εἰς (into) φιλαδελφίαν (brotherly love) ἀνυπόκριτον (unhypocritical) ἐκ (out from) καθαρᾶς (a pure) καρδίας (heart) ἀλλήλους (one another) ἀγαπήσατε (love) ἐκτενῶς (fervently)

23 ἀναγεγεννημένοι (begotten again) οὐκ (not) ἐκ (out from) σπορᾶς (seed) φθαρτῆς (a corruptible) ἀλλ᾽ (but) ἀφθάρτου (incorruptible) διὰ (through) λόγου (word) ζῶντος (the living) θεοῦ (of God) καὶ (and) μένοντος (remaining)

24 διότι (because) πᾶσα (all) σὰρξ (flesh) ὡς (is as) χόρτος (grass) καὶ (and) πᾶσα (all) δόξα (glory) αὐτῆς (of it) ὡς (as) ἄνθος (the flower) χόρτου (of grass) ἐξηράνθη (dried up) ὁ (the) χόρτος (grass) καὶ (and) τὸ (the) ἄνθος (flower) ἐξέπεσεν (fell away)

25 τὸ (the) δὲ (but) ῥῆμα (word) κυρίου (of the Lord) μένει (remains) εἰς (into) τὸν (the) αἰῶνα (age) τοῦτο (this) δέ (and) ἐστιν (is) τὸ (the) ῥῆμα (saying) τὸ (the one) εὐαγγελισθὲν (having been preached) εἰς (into) ὑμᾶς (you all)

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