Matthew 24

1 And after the Jesus came out, He was proceeding away from the temple and His particular students approached to show to Him the building of the temple;

2 and the One Who answered said to them, are you all not seeing all these things? Amen, I am saying to you all, absolutely not might be left here a stone upon a stone which will not be loosed-down. Continue reading “Matthew 24”

John 3

1 Moreover there was a man out from the Pharisees, a ruler of the Jews, Nicodemus was a name given to him.

2 This one came toward Him of night and he said to Him, Rabbi, we know that away from God you have come and remain a teacher, for not even one is able to be doing these particular signs which You are doing, if the God may not be with him. Continue reading “John 3”

Romans 7

1  Or are you all being ignorant, brethren, for to the ones who are knowing law I am speaking, that the law is lording over the man as long a time as he is living?

2  For the woman under-husband has been and remains bound by law to the husband who is living; but if the husband might die, then she has been and remains idled-down away from the law of the husband. Continue reading “Romans 7”

Galatians 2

1 Furthermore, through fourteen years, I went up again into Jerusalem with Barnabas, having also taken Titus with me;

2 and I went up according to a revelation, and placed-above for myself to them the well-message which I am preaching in the nations, but according to privately to the ones who are supposing, lest somehow I might be running or ran into emptiness. Continue reading “Galatians 2”

Revelation 1

1 A revelation of Jesus Christ which the God gave to Him to display to His particular bondservants which things are necessary to come to be in quickness, and He signified after having sent away through His particular messenger to His particular bondservant, John,

2 who testified the word of the God and the testimony of Jesus Christ as many things as he saw. Continue reading “Revelation 1”

Revelation 2

1 To the messenger of the called-out-assembly in Ephesus write: These things is saying the One Who is seizing the seven stars in His particular right hand, the One Who is walking in midst of the seven particular golden lamp-stands.

2 I know your particular works and the labor and your particular patience and that you are not able to carry evil and tested the ones who are saying themselves to be apostles and are not, and you found them liars, Continue reading “Revelation 2”

Revelation 3

1 And to the messenger of the called-out-assembly in Sardis write: These things is saying the One Who is having the seven spirits of the God and the seven stars: I know your particular works, that you are having a name that you are living and you are dead.

2 Come to be one who is watching and support the remaining things which are about to die, for I have not found your particular works, ones which have been and remain fulfilled in-site of My particular God. Continue reading “Revelation 3”

Revelation 4

1 After these things I saw, and see! A door, one which has been and remains open in the heaven, and the voice, the first one which I heard as a trumpet, who is speaking with me while saying: Ascend here and I will display to you which things are necessary to come to be after these things.

2 Immediately I came to be in spirit, and see! A throne was lying in the heaven and upon the throne, One Who is sitting. Continue reading “Revelation 4”

Revelation 6

1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one out from the seven seals, and I heard from one out from the four living creatures while saying as a voice of thunder: Come!

2 And I saw, and see! A horse, a white one, and the one who is sitting upon it while having a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he came-out while conquering and in order that he might conquer. Continue reading “Revelation 6”