Matthew 24

1 And after the Jesus came out, He was proceeding Himself away from the temple and His particular students approached to show to Him the building of the temple;

2 and the One Who answered said to them, are you all not seeing all these things? Amen, I am saying to you all, absolutely not might be left here a stone upon a stone which will not be loosed-down. Continue reading “Matthew 24”

John 3

1 Moreover there was a man out from the Pharisees, a ruler of the Jews, Nicodemus was a name given to him.

2 This one came toward Him of night and he said to Him, Rabbi, we know that away from God you have come and remain a teacher, for not even one is able to be doing these particular signs which You are doing, if the God might not be with him. Continue reading “John 3”

Romans 7

1  Or are you all being ignorant, brethren, for to the ones who are knowing law I am speaking, that the law is lording over the man as long a time as he is living?

2  For the woman under-husband has been and remains bound by law to the husband who is living; but if the husband might die, then she has been and remains idled-down away from the law of the husband. Continue reading “Romans 7”

Galatians 2

1 Furthermore, through fourteen years, I went up again into Jerusalem with Barnabas, having also taken Titus with me;

2 and I went up according to a revelation, and placed-above for myself to them the well-message which I am preaching in the nations, but according to privately to the ones who are supposing, lest somehow I might be running or ran into emptiness. Continue reading “Galatians 2”